Choosing a New Mattress

When people move into their first home, quite often one of the first purchases they make will be a new mattress. Being the first time they have probably left their parents, they will have zero experience, and have no idea what to look for.

In today’s market there are more options than ever before. Spring mattresses, memory foam mattress, latex mattresses, and combinations mixed together. The first thing to talk about is how each type is made.

Spring mattresses are the traditional type, that have been around for years. Because the technology in these mattresses is now dated, these are quite often the cheapest mattresses you can buy. They are also the least effective at providing a highly supported nights sleep. A great option for a guest, spare room or even a small child’s room. Where the mattress is not going to get used very often, they will last quite well. Likewise in a small child’s bed where a mattress is not going to receive lots of weight, a spring mattress will have a decent lifespan. Lots of the newer spring mattress will combine with a memory foam top layer to provide increased comfort and support.

Memory foam are now considered to be the best available mattresses today. They have a great lifespan, extremely durable and hold the body in a correct position to give great spinal alignment. Pressure point are reduced, great sleep is achieved. Memory foam is a foam which reacts to your body heat. When the foam warms is shapes to your body and supports where needed. As the foam cools is returns to its natural shape.
This is great because the same mattress will react to everybody differently, but support as required. Always try and make sure you find a memory foam with a rating of 3 or more lb/ft. Anything lower than this and the mattress will be of low quality.
The selection of softness levels is much the same as with spring mattresses, so your preference can be found. The downside with memory foam is, because it uses your body heat to work, it can retain this heat. Some people find this creates a sleeping environment which is too hot. After a while you should adjust to the change, but if it is a concern newer mattress designs have cooling properties built in. Memory foam mattresses are quite expensive but newer models are becoming more affordable. Manufacturers such as Sleep Innovations, are a great company which produce good quality at a reasonable price.

Latex mattresses are the newest rage. They are very similar to memory foam, but natural latex is used as opposed to chemically manufactured memory foam. A great option for the environmentally conscious among us. However, latex mattresses do carry a high price tag, and options are limited. At the moment there are far fewer latex mattress manufacturers, and subsequently much less choice. It would be very difficult to find one to take away on the day. It would almost definitely have to be ordered in. If you have allergies, latex might be an issue, and you may well be better looking at memory foam.

Some things definitely to think about. If you can afford it, I would always recommend going with memory foam. The health benefits are far superior.

Tips to make your rooms feel bigger

I think most of us dream of a big home, like we see celebrities, in glossy magazines and tv shows. However in reality, we have to accept, that apart from the lucky few, these are going to remain dreams.

There are a few things we can try to make our humble homes have a more airy and larger feel. Some are cheap and easy and others are slightly more expensive.

mirror spaceThe first simple thing to try is to hang some extra mirrors. Mirrors are a great cheap way to give the false impression of space. If you hang them facing the largest part of the room, they reflect that space. Although the reflections is a false illusion of space, it increases the light in a room, and makes rooms feel much more airy.

Room colors also affect how large or small they feel. Darker colors are the worst for making a room feel small. If you do have the desire for a rich or or dark color, keep the colors restrict to one wall, or on the lower portion of the walls. You can divide the walls, using borders or dado rails. Always keep a light color on top, this will help keep the feeling of space.

If your house has many small rooms consider opening them up a little. It is not always possible to remove complete walls, but making openings larger than a doorway will increase the feeling of space. Removing a door and just having an open archway, will create a massive difference. A great area for this is between the kitchen-dining room, or dining room-lounge.

If you have an old property you may have rooms, that you do not even use. In these cases it is key to use all the space you have. A house will feel small if you have parts of it you never use.

If you have small windows, considering replacing them with larger items. Bring the outdoors in. Natural light is one of your best friends, to help increase that airy feel. Even better, if you can have patio doors on a lounge.

One of the best things you can do, does not cost you anything. Simply have a good sort through all your belongings. Discard anything you don’t use or need. A room with out any clutter will instantly feel bigger.
Consider removing any furniture you don’t need. This is also a good way to raise some funds to help your improvements in other areas. It has never been easier to sell unwanted things online. With various auction sites, and classified sites making some extra cash has never been easier. You will be surprised how much money you have lying around in things that you don’t need or use.

History of Coffee Makers

coffee makerCoffee machines or coffee makers are appliances for cooking that are used to brew coffee grounds. There are many types of coffee maker that you can choose from, with having different special features and unique designs. The most common coffee maker, coffee grounds are positioned in a metal or paper filter inside a small funnel, which is then placed in a ceramic or glass pot (a pot that is a member of the kettle family). The coffee maker starts its function when the cold water is tipped into a chamber, which heats up by a heating element until it reaches its boiling point and then slowly leads to a funnel. This process is called the automatic drip brew.


For the past 100 years, putting together a cup of hot coffee is just a simple procedure. Ground or roasted coffee beans were positioned in a pan or pot, wherein the hot water was poured, then covered the pan with a lid to start the infusion procedure. Back then, there were pots specifically made for brewing coffee wherein the coffee beans must be trapped inside to produce a hot coffee.
Brewing procedure or process was introduced in France year 1710. The process was just like what we do in tea bags today, coffee grounds were enclosed in a bag made of linen then submerge it in a hot water and let it infuse its coffee flavor until your desired flavor was achieved. However, the earlier process of boiling coffee grounds until the aroma of good coffee has been reached was the most popular one back in 19th and 20th century.
There were many breakthrough in the 18th century in France. These changes was established by the Archbishop of Paris named Jean Baptiste de Belloy. The people accepted his fact that coffee must not go to a process of boiling. Little we know, the drip brewing was the very first process of creating a coffee with the use of filters. This process was established 125 years ago wherein its design and appearance and the process itself has changed a little. The process of two pots leveled with each other, wherein the coffee grounds was placed in a cloth in the upper pot then water will slowly poured over the coffee grounds to drain leading the leading liquid coffee to the pot below.
From then on, many innovations from different inventors from France came out of the market. Today, as we enjoy our hot cup of Joe, putting a lot of twist to our coffee to blend with the modern society, we will always be grateful to those people who put their minds into inventing the so-called coffee makers.

Layout of your kitchen

kitchen layoutWhen installing a new kitchen, people spend the most time thinking about the design. What counter to have, what doors to have, the sink, the floor, etc. The one thing they do not think about, is the layout, where everything will sit.

Now if you are hiring a designer to do the work for you, this is not a problem. They understand the best places to put everything. They know where things need to be for best practicality, and still be pleasing on the eye. They are trained and have years of experience. A professional designer will have ideas that would not even enter a regular persons mind. If you can afford a service like this then it might be worth making the investment and having the work done for you.

If you are like me however you will enjoy a challenge. I like to try things myself, and I normally have to make compromises somewhere, due to finances. So here are some tips I have picked up that might help you on your journey.

In any room, I think as much natural light as possible is important. In a kitchen even more so. When cooking and baking, appearance is important, and natural light gives a much truer image of an item when compared with artificial light.

I always like to have the biggest, main window, in front of the sink. I don’t know why, but for me it does not feel right, stood at a sink with out a window. In certain circumstances it might not be possible, but always try and aim for this. I think it gives the appearance of a kitchen some balance.

If the shape of your room allows, always try and have you sink, cooker and fridge, create a triangle around you main work area / counter. This creates a highly efficient work area. It means you can reach what ever you require with very little traveling. No need to walk from one end of the kitchen to the other to get something out of the fridge.

A dishwasher is a nice luxury appliance, always handy if you are entertaining, or have a large family. Simply chuck all you dishes in, and forget about. I always recommend trying to get the dishwasher as near the sink as possible. Again this is for practicality. If any dishes need a quick pre wash to rinse off any excess for waste. If the dishwasher is close to the sink, it is easy to drop the dishes straight in. No dripping water all over the floor.

You also have the choice about having your smaller appliances built in. Things like coffee makers and microwave can all become an integral part of your kitchen. This does make the kitchen look very neat and tidy, but I am not a 100% fan. If you decide you want to change things around a little, you are restricted because these items cannot be moved.

A few basic things to think about. Only you will know what suits your taste, but some of these options mentioned, will definitely help your kitchen function more efficiently.